Tai Chi Seminar Saturday February 13th 11am-2pm, with Master Luciano - $35
Kung Fu Seminar Sunday February 14th 11am-3pm, with Master Luciano - $35

All events will be held at 48 Nicholas Ct, Ormond Beach, Florida
Call 386-341-5068 for more information

Welcome to Pai Lum Kung Fu & Tai Chi. It is our pleasure to introduce you to a traditional Chinese martial art. We specialize in the teaching of two quite ancient systems of exercises: Kung Fu & Tai Chi, for the development of body and mind, self-protection and learning meditative movement.

We at Pai Lum Kung Fu & Tai Chi see the need in our present society to reestablish the value of training the mind and body in the arts of discipline and perfection. For many centuries the Chinese have used the practice of Kung Fu & Tai Chi as the means of achieving these goals.

Join us in a personal search for wisdom and understanding by learning to properly use the natural tools which we all possess.

The family style known as Pai Te Lung Chuan Fa Kung Fu, or White Dragon Fist Style Kung Fu. It is an old and internationally recognized system of Chinese martial arts in direct descent from the original monasteries. Dr. Daniel K. Pai was the last grandmaster of our system. He was a direct descendant of the founder of the style, Pai Po Fong. We teach the same White Dragon method of physical structuring as were taught 350 years ago when it was developed in China, due to the care that is taken in passing on this ancient wisdom.