For centuries the Chinese have used the practice of Kung Fu & Tai Chi for the development of mind and body, self-protection and learning meditation through movement.  Here at our martial arts school in Daytona we specialize in the teaching these two ancient systems.

    The family style known as Pai Te Lung Chuan Fa Kung Fu, or White Dragon Fist Style Kung Fu is an old system of Chinese martial arts descended from the original monasteries.  Our teacher Dr. Daniel K. Pai was a direct descendant of the founder of the style Pai Po Fong, and was the last grandmaster of the system. We teach the same methodologies as was taught 350 years ago when it was developed in China, due to the care that is taken in passing on this ancient wisdom.

    We at Pai Lum Kung Fu & Tai Chi of Daytona Beach see the value of training the arts in today’s society for self-discipline and personal growth. You are welcome to join us in a search for wisdom and understanding by learning to properly use the natural tools which we all possess.

Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai

     Grandmaster Daniel K. Pai was an enigmatic figure in the martial arts world, serving as one of the main driving sources in the spread of Chinese and Okinawan arts in North America in the 1960’s, 70’s, and 80’s.  Grandmaster Pai’s fighting style was developed from years of training in Chinese, Japanese and Okinawan martial arts.

     Born and raised in Hawaii, Pai had access to martial arts masters who had moved to the islands from Asia.  Pai was trained intensely, while growing up, in his family style of Chinese gong fu by Pai Po Fong ( a descendant of the Shaolin boxer  Bai Yu-Feng).   Pai also trained other styles there like Kodenkan jujitsu in Hawaii by Sensei H.S. Okazadi. 

     Pai’s family, having connections in Okinawa, also sent him overseas to a monastery in Okinawa for extensive training in Chinese kempo for 5 years.  After returning from service in the Korean war Pai also continued his education with Japanese masters like Gogen Yamaguchi (Gojo-ryu), Mas Oyama (Kyokushinkai)  and Morhei Ueshiba  (Aikido).  Pai’s philosophy was to never stop practicing and learning.



          Our Pai Lum school has a long and respected history in Daytona Beach and Central Florida. In
September of 1976, Dr. Pai moved from the North East to Daytona Beach with Master Shawn Dick (Bai Zue Long), and established the first kwoon in Florida at 125 ½ International Speedway Blvd. (known then as Volusia Ave). Shortly afterwards, Dr. Pai moved to Virginia Beach for 14 months, then returned. The Kwoon was moved to 211 Broadway while another kwoon was opened in Orlando, at 1378 Mills 197, and a 3rd school was opened in Ormond Beach, Fl. by Shr-fu Laurie Porter for a short time. The Volusia Ave. kwoon was moved to 1702 Ridgewood Ave. in 1979. It was managed by Dr. Pai, Shr-Fu Shawn Dick (now Master Bai Zue Long), Shr-Fu Honey Silk (now Master Bai Long Li), and Shr-Fu Laurie Porter. This school was eventually taken over by Master Bai Long Li (Honey Silk). Dr. Pai moved to the Orlando area to manage the schools there. Honey Silk moved her school to 2900 Nova Rd., Port Orange in the mid-eighties. During the latter part of the eighties. After the Port Orange school closed,  Dr. Pai returned to Daytona Beach, opening another school on S. Ridgewood Ave. in South Daytona Beach. In the end of 1989 Dr. Pai moved his school to 110 E. Orange Ave. in the Daytona Beach Leisure Services Recreational Center where it was still in operation until its closing due to construction of the Orange Ave. bridge. Our schoool continues on in Daytona Beach based out of the Yvonne Scarlett Golden Cultural & Educational Center managed by Shr-Fu John Riddick (Bai Lam Long).